goat milk laundry soap subscription box

You will never go to the store for laundry soap again!

Get high quality goat milk laundry soap delivered to you each month.

Natural goat milk laundry soap

Our story

 My family and I own Myersville Farms. Over the years I have formulated a natural laundry soap made with nourishing goat milk.  We no longer use the slimy, chemical-ridden stuff that comes in huge plastic jugs! 

All natural goat milk laundry soap is specially formulated to gently clean and condition fabrics , leaving them feeling soft and fresh. It is also safe for all washing machines and septic systems.

Between our own dirty farming clothes, having 2 teenage boys, and a husband that loves to hunt and fish I can attest that even though it is a gentle formula it gets the stains and stink out!

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

No more trudging to the store to buy big bulky jugs of laundry detergent.

benefit 2

Have all natural goat milk laundry soap delivered to your door each month!

benefit 3

Discover how refreshing it feels to have clean and naturally soft clothes without using additional fabric softner.

benefit 4

Only subscribers will get an additional 9 loads (total of 25 loads) of laundry soap at no additional charge.

Sign up today and discover the quality & convenience for yourself!

"I am totally amazed by this laundry soap. I could not believe the small amount it takes to do a full load of clothes! A tablespoon is all it takes. My clothes are clean and they are soft with no added fabric softener. It leaves no powerful sent behind that clashes with personal fragrances that I choose. I also have a septic system and this product is very gentle on that as well. I love this product."
February 27, 2022
"I use this laundry soap for my infant. Not only do I love the clean ingredients for her skin, but it also removes blow out stains!! No shout or extra steps needed. I am so impressed and can say goodbye to store bought detergent."
April 24, 2022
"We love this laundry soap! I could not believe that such a small amount made the clothes so clean and so soft! I have used this laundry soap on the toughest laundry like our dog beds and they come out so fresh. I love using this on towels and ditching the laundry softener! An absolute favorite for our family."
August 28, 2022
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